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😱 Why I Hate Cardio 🤯

Do you spend most of your time in the gym without a plan? Sticking mainly to cardio and keeping away from the sweat and grunts which make up the weights section?

If that sounds familiar and you're not getting the results you want then overeating calories is probably the reason why!

It’s all too easy to over-consume calories, and so very hard to burn them off (If you’ve ever been on the Assault Bike you will already know this)! 🤮

On average, per hour you will burn around 300-400 Kcal walking, 350-500 Kcal on the X-Trainer and around 350-500 weight training. It’s not possible to get an accurate figure, these are simply averages.

How long does it take to eat a chocolate bar? I'll bet it doesn't take you an hour 📷! 

If you're eating the odd biscuit or chocolate bar; even if you don't think its very often, and "it's okay i'll burn it off in the gym later" here is something to consider:

😢1 Mars bar- 260 Kcal 😰1 chocolate from a box (yes, that box which you eat 2-3 from a day over Christmas!)- 45-90 Kcal (who eats one!?) 😱1 tablespoon of oil which you don't even think about cooking with- 120 Kcal 😭1 "It's okay because it's healthy" avocado- 300 Kcal!

Consder the calorie content before you eat something, not after!

👉Eating is easy, working out is hard. You can’t out-train a bad diet!

This is why at Roots you won’t find treadmills (hamster wheels), X-Trainers or exercise bikes. You might get the odd short burst of circuits or conditioning but you certainly won’t be sat for an hour on a piece of cardio kit! 👎

There is of course more to cardiovascular training and nutrition than burning calories! This will be discussed in my next weekly email!

Do your workouts comprise of mostly cardio? They shouldn’t! Are you eating snacks without considering calories? Why?

Contact us via email, Instagram or Facebook if you would like help or advice with how to get started with some more efficient training and practical advice about nutrition!

Thanks for reading!





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