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8 handy tips to shed excess fat after you have a child!

A few handy tips to lose a couple of pounds of that stubborn fat you put on after having your children!

A 30 minute home bodyweight workout can be an effective way to lose weight if you are consistent

1. Walk to the shops!

Need some milk or something for the kids’ dinner? Walk to the shop instead of driving. This will increase how many calories burn and you’ll even get some vitamin D if there’s some sunlight.

2. Don’t eat bits from your children’s plates!

This is a huge one! It can be tempting to eat the odd thing when cooking dinner for your children. If they’re picky it’ll usually be something less than ideal, such as chips or chicken nuggets! These calories can really add up! A few chips and a chicken nugget could easily run up a huge calorie bill!

3. Buy your children healthy snacks, this means you can’t eat them either!

It can be a challenge trying to get kids to eat fruit and vegetables but the last thing you should do is give in a feed them chocolate! Kids who are used to eating sweets and rubbish may continue to do so into adulthood, so set them off on the right track! Besides being good for their health it means there isn’t always calorie dense foods lying around for you to scoff (I know I eat whatever I can see id left to my own devices!).

4. Walk them to school!

They might whine about it but it’s doing you both good! More calories burned and they might even sleep better later on (please!!). If you walk the kids in it means you have to walk double the distance to get back too! If you have younger ones to look after then chances are you’ll not be getting out as much as you might like anyway, so it’ll do you good!

5. Take them to the park on weekends instead of playing video games!

Can’t get them to stop playing Fortnite of whatever the heck they’re playing? Make them! Get them and yourself out of the house for a walk around the park, again great for both you and them! Alternatively engage in activities where you’re moving about such as crazy golf or bowling!

6. Buy yourself a bicycle and head out on it with the kids!

If they’ve got a bike why not get one yourself and burn some extra calories whilst bonding with your children.

7. Have a set takeaway night every fortnight!

Yes, if you want a takeaway or some fast food...have it! If you set a specific day for one then you’ll be less likely to have one on the spur of the moment! If you know you’re having one on Saturday you’re not going to give in on Wednesday (I hope!). Even better would be to cook whatever takeaway you fancy yourself at home! You could involve the kids and show them some life-skills whilst having a bit of fun- all while saving yourself a boatload of calories and money!

8. Do a 15-30 minute bodyweight workout a few times per week!

Everyone can do bodyweight exercises, there is no excuse! Read our article called ‘How to exercise with no free time’ for ideas!

Thanks for reading.

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