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Meet My Team

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Hi, I’m Head Coach and Founder, Andy, and here is my team! Matty, Jamie and Chelsea who help me deliver our training packages here at Roots Fitness.

My team is highly experienced, friendly, fun and results focused. We are dedicated to getting you results at an efficient pace that we both agree on.


I’ve been a personal trainer for well over 12 years, helping 100s of people get the results they want using science based methods and principles. But more importantly I take my clients through a process where their whole outlook and relationship with food and training changes completely and they can actually keep their progress and continue well beyond what they thought was possible! - No BS quick fixes here!

When I was young I was diagnosed with Perthes disease: a rare condition where the head of the femur doesn’t receive adequate blood flow and basically starts crumbling away. This was a huge part of my fitness journey, as it stopped me exercising when i was young, leading to weight gain. I know how it feels to be overweight and unhappy with your body. These days I find myself (sort of) thankful that I had Perthes, as it has given me the drive and experience to navigate the complex field of fitness and find the most effective and efficient methods to get you results and make you feel GREAT in front of that mirror!


As you may know, the fitness industry is a minefield of supposed quick-fix solutions that seem impossible to achieve, never work for any length of time and simply prey on the desperation of most -who just want to improve their physique and feel more confident -just like me when I was an 18 year old lad. The fact is, losing weight and toning muscle can be complicated, its hard to know what works and what doesn't, but this complex science, like anything, can be broken down into simple principles. It is only when someone teaches you these simple principles and shows you how to implement them in your training and every day life you will see long term results.


This is why I started Roots Fitness, I want to teach these simple principles to as many people as I can, at an affordable price. I want to give those people who are willing to put the 3 hours of effort in a week and work positive changes into their regime the same feeling I had when I saw my obliques for the first time - chuffed to bits!


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