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Feeling a little out of routine and guilt-ridden after Christmas? Here's why you shouldn't be! 👍

Christmas is over. The chocolate has been eaten, the alcohol has been drunk and you're feeling like you've eaten everything in sight for the past week. Guess what? So is everyone.

Rather than mentally punishing yourself for it you need to think how you can get back on track ASAP.

Before you decide you're going to do a juice cleanse or a low carb diet, have a think back to last year...did what you did work? If it did why are you back in this position again?

If a change isn't maintainable then it will not work in the long-term. You don't need a 6-week transformation or a restrictive diet, you need a plan. A long-term plan, which you can implement now.

Putting it off is the worst thing you can do, especially if you told yourself 'there's no point until starting after Christmas. Stop with the procrastination. Take positive steps toward that lifestyle you want.

We can teach you how to enjoy a balanced lifestyle which includes all the foods you love and if you so wish, even alcohol! 🍷

What's more is that we have an amazing deal on for those of you who are skint after Christmas! Keep your eyes open on Friday for more information! Trust me, you'll be surprised at what we are offering! 😬

To find out more, or simply get some free advice from me, head coach Andy, simply visit our website or get in touch via social media or by email and take the first step on your new fitness journey! 💪

Thank you!




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