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Why Small Group?


Small group- the future of personal training​

Have you been to a large gym recently? Did you feel comfortable in there? Gone are the days when you would receive a programme from a friendly gym instructor. These days you are faced with two tough choices; go it alone, or hire a personal trainer who will charge you a handsome hourly fee!

Roots Fitness is different. We have carefully designed small group training packages which combine all the best bits of personal training with excellent value for money.


We do not run monotonous recurring classes, our coaches will write you a personalised programme to help to progress week by week, giving your training structure and purpose. Our coaches monitor your progress, provide feedback and work with you to optimise your results. 


We have gone the extra mile to ensure your experience feels personal and you are welcomed into a like-minded, friendly community. No egos, just people wanting to improve their lifestyle and make a change.


We encourage you to take advantage of our private, fully kitted out facility that you will only ever share with your group. We only run one group at a time so it is all yours, never wait to use equipment again.

Minimal fuss

  • All sessions time tabled, never wait for equipment, never crowded

  • Join a friendly community and feel confident

  • Train in small, motivated and organised groups

  • Training programme & progress tracked digitally on the Roots App

  • All bookings and payments online on our smart phone friendly website

  • No contracts

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