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Directions & Parking
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We are on google maps, search "Roots Fitness Newcastle" to find us.

At the roundabout outside Asda turn into North Tyneside Industrial Estate. Follow the the road until you get to a junction. Turn right at the junction. Follow the road round to the left, soon after you will see a black gate on the right, just after a "Clarkson" sign on the building. Enter the gates and follow the road round to the right. You will see our facility.


This is what the front of our facility looks like @

No.33 business park, 33 Bellingham drive. We are situated in a unit round the back of the No.33 complex


This is the gate "just after the Clarkson sign" that you will enter to find us. We are round the back.

We also have our own signage outside the gate


There are 2 spaces to park directly outside our front door. Please don't park in front of our neighbours doors or block them in! The photo shows plenty of parking on the gravel opposite our front door


You can also use the parking on the left just as you enter the gates


And there are over 90 secure parking spaces at the front of the No33 complex

If you find yourself lost please give us a call on 07814 691 187

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