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How we coach our sessions

Our greatest strength is our coaches

how we coach our sessions

How small group sessions work

  • Arrive at our facility up to 15 minutes before your booking. Feel free to use our changing rooms

  • Load your personalised programme via our smartphone app (or we can print it for you or load it up on our computer)

  • Your coach will start your session with a warm up and mobility exercises to ensure you remain injury free and have healthy joints and muscles. This can be a fun group activity or individual exercises

  • You start the main working part of your session, which is always overseen by your assigned coach- if you have any questions or need any advice your coach is there to help

  • When you sign up we will ask what your level of training experience is. If you have little to no experience our coaches will spend time teaching you how to weight train safely and proficiently

  • Your coach will provide feedback and ques for your weight training technique throughout your session

  • At the end of your session there is a 15 minute grace period* where you have the chance to ask questions, or receive feedback from our coaches

  • As you progress your coach may edit your programme to optimise your results

  • We ask that you use our coaching app to record each exercise you complete, which ensures you are progressing every time you train, this is simple and seamless through our app.

  • Our sessions are 1 hour long, however we are aware everything doesn't always go to plan, therefore we don’t mind if you run over slightly. This is why we have a 15 minute grace period after each session*

  • If you have any questions that you have forgotten to ask during the session, don’t worry! You can always contact your coach via our app**

*coach will not always be available during 15 minute grace period
**coach will aim to respond within 24 hours

We don't just train you

We provide a wide range of support all included:

  • We consult with you to understand what motivates you, challenges you and what your goals are

  • We create your personal training plan and upload it directly to your smartphone 

  • As you progress and we learn more about you or your goals change we react by editing your training plan. This ensures your hard effort is always paying off

  • We are always there to provide advice, nutrition tips and consult with you.

  • We provide a vast range of training material such as useful articles, meal plans and videos.

  • We will also provide your custom calorie and macronutrients calculation

Booking sessions

  • We operate a fixed timetable with numerous session slots that you can book yourself onto

  • As part of your membership with us you will receive credits every 4 weeks (8 for silver members, 12 for gold members)

  • You use these credits to book onto sessions using our online system, this is easy to do through the smartphone app

  • If you need to change any booked sessions you can do so up to 24 hours before the session is scheduled

  • You can purchase additional credits from the shop anytime

  • When you sign up you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to do the above.

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