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Our facility

is your private studio

Train with tech

  • All clients gain access to our smart phone training app which records and tracks your progress

  • Projected training aids.

Beautiful equipment

  • Strength equipment: Power racks, Olympic rated barbells and calibrated Olympic plates, safety squat bar

  • Cardio equipment: Rower, Ski Erg, Watt Bike, Prowler, Ropes

  • Conditioning equipment: Glute Hamstring Raise, Bent over Rower

  • 20m by 2m track

  • Professional basket ball hoop! Great for fun warm ups.

All of our equipment has been sourced from premium manufacturers and has all been approved for safe use in a commercial environment.

Never queue again

Our time table has been designed such that you will never be waiting around for equipment again. Get in, train hard, go home!

Comfort & convenience 

Train early in the morning or around a busy work schedule?

  • Heated male & female changing rooms

  • Male & female showers

  • Storage & lockers

  • Refreshments in our store - tea & coffee, protein bars etc.

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