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How we are Keeping You Safe During The Pandemic

At Roots Fitness your safety is our number 1 priority.


Let me start by saying we have always been, and always will be a small, private, pre-booked gym which enables us to make our gym as safe as possible for you.


"We genuinely believe that you are at no more, if not at less risk, training at our facility than you are when you do your weekly shop at your local supermarket"


The following video explains how we keep you safe during the COVID 19 pandemic

As mentioned in the video it is our golden rules that keep us safe day to day, these are easy to police as we have no more than 4 people in a session at one time. Our coaches are always there to keep you right. We have a strong community feel at Roots where everyone does their bit to keep one another safe.

Our Golden Rules


Our training zone rule explained


As you can see above we have marked out red boxes on the floor around equipment and work out areas. The rule is simple, don't go into a zone if someone else is in it. Don't worry, our coaches will keep you right and we are a friendly community here at Roots who work together to ensure we are all safe.


Lock down 3.JPG

Throughout lock down we offered our clients home training and remote coaching. As soon as we were able we built a canopy to train our clients outdoors. This was such a big hit we are continuing to offer outdoor training all through the summer 💪🌞

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