We help People Who...

✅ Are struggling with their fitness goals and have tried all manner of diets and fitness programmes only to be let down with such little progress

✅ Experience bursts of motivation to get fit, only to lose momentum a few weeks down the line and slip back into old ways

✅ Don't follow a proven training plan and find themselves toiling through the same exercise regime time and time again, rinse and repeat

✅ Have a busy life between job, family, friends and socialising. When they get home from work they are too shattered to train. They just want to eat their tea and relax on the sofa

✅ Lack confidence in the gym and feel awkward with all of those eyes watching

✅ Try hard with their diet through the week only to find themselves going off track on the weekend when they are out with family and friends 🍰👀


✅ Don't have £40/hr to burn on personal training services 💵🔥 

Sound familiar?


"Hi, We're Andy and Scott, The Co Founders of Roots Fitness and Our Breakthrough Method That Allows Busy, Everyday People Like You Not Only to Achieve Your Fitness Goals But Sustain Them Long Term Without Breaking The Bank"





We are regular guys just like you. As best mates growing up we'd always compete in the gym. During uni we could train an hour or two a day and devote our lives to crazy methods such as eating 6 meals a day of dry chicken and broccoli. You name it we've tried it; keto, paleo, clean eating, if it fits your macros, body building programmes, smolov etc..

Then we graduated in 2011, Andy started his career as a qualified Personal Trainer and Scott as a qualified Mechanical Engineer. 

We quickly realised that we couldn't sustain our strength and physiques with the crazy methods we used at University. We were too busy with normal everyday life; job, family, friends, life chores all added up to too little time and energy.

That is when we set the goal of developing a simple and effective training and nutrition method that busy people just like us can implement and achieve amazing results - without having to put in the hours, eat bland, awful food and feel like a zombie at work - all without costing an arm and a leg in the process.

After years of perfecting our simple method we opened Roots Fitness in 2018.

And since then we have helped 100s of clients achieve AMAZING results whilst only sparing a few hours a week to train and still enjoying the foods they love within their diet. And best of all, our clients now have the knowledge and skills to maintain and improve on their results for the rest of their life


Here is what our clients are saying about Roots

Roots Fitness in 2020

Roots Fitness in 2020

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How our simple method works

When developing our method we realised that unless you can afford a good personal trainer (not many of us can) you are at the liberty of the fitness industry:

⛔ There are many "fitness Gurus" out there claiming they have the secret formula to weight loss when in fact it is just another impossible diet to fail at

⛔ There is "Small Group Training" which is essentially over priced classes of 10 to 30 people where everyone is on the same fixed programme and you are left with no support outside of the gym


⛔ You get given a tonne of print outs or pdfs with meal plans written to someone else's taste, not yours, which doesn't help you understand how dieting works and how to manage your own diet long term

⛔ Celebrities and Instagram models pushing a training plan which they "claim" they used to get in shape, when in fact they have a personal trainer behind the scenes 🤫

We have all been there, us included, falling for some semi-plausible new theory on dieting - "the cavemen did it" or "this shredded guy with a six pack does it"...

It probably feels a lot like this...

But at Roots we follow the science


Wait! Isn't it hard work understanding the reams of scientific articles out there, spending years testing what works and what doesn't in practice and simplifying it down into simple principles and rules that people can easily follow. Let's face it 99% of us aren't interested in the science and we just want the results 🙌

Well, you're in luck,  we've done the hard work for you

This is our bridge analogy that summarises how our method works

simple method 2.jpg

Our method provides the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be, there is no need for a leap of faith.


At the simplest level, success in fitness is derived from mastering two simple principles:

1️⃣ Adherence to Training & Diet

2️⃣ Progression 

It is really that simple (and a lot of the "gurus" don't want you to know this!). However it is a lot easier said than done. Actually being consistent with a diet or training plan is HARD if you don't have the tools we teach. We show you how to manage flexibility into your diet and allow yourself to eat your favorite foods from time to time in a measured way such that you are always making progress with a happy and clear mindset. We also manage your progression in the gym by writing your personal training programme and ensuring your exercise technique is on point.

The pillars of the bridge shown above represent the support we provide you, which is composed of the following:

​👉 We train you at our gym like a personal trainer would but in a small group of maximum 4 people (often less). This approach is just as effective as hiring a personal trainer but it works out a lot cheaper for you

👉 We have our own virtuagym app which houses; your training plan, a video library of the exercises, progress tracking and our library of 'how to' guides


👉 On our Nutrition Course we start you out with a food diary for logging your food before building up to setting & tracking your calories in MyFitnessPal - which is by far the most effective method of dieting. More advanced clients can learn how to keep track of food and calories without depending on the app

👉 You have access to your coach if you have any questions or need support

👉 We have a lively Facebook Group which is great for motivation and team spirit. We also have optional progress check-ins, live Q&A sessions and post bonus nutrition and training lessons from time to time.

Introducing The 4 Week Kickstart


Our 4 Week Kickstart is open to all new clients looking to learn our methods and get a kickstart in the right direction with their training and diet.

It is a fully inclusive package where you get to train with us 3x a week.


We do a 4 Week Kickstart for Women and Men. Click one of the buttons below to find out more about this programme:

Reopening Deal, Currently 50% off

our 4 Week Kickstart


We don't ask for before and after photos, but happy clients text them in anyway!

Please note the majority of these results were achieved after 8 weeks and some some over a period of months. The key thing is our clients can maintain these results as we have shown them how to enjoy food and training whilst also achieving a fit and healthy physique.

HS blurred.JPG
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Client Progress

What Results Can You Expect From the 4 Week Kickstart?





By week 2, most of our clients lose between 3 and 5 pounds. They feel more energetic and they love seeing the scale go down. They think they can notice physical changes, but they aren’t 100%.

However …

By the time week 4 is done, most women like Marina have dropped a dress size, and KNOW they look different. They’ve noticed less ‘overhang’ when they sit down, and they actually think their arms and thighs are looking pretty good.

Most guys like Craig have noticed their chest is more full, their t-shirts are tighter in the right places, and they KNOW they look different. They’ve noticed less fat on their stomachs and usually even bit of definition on there!


The Kickstart is not intended to transform you into your dream body in only 4 weeks. This is not normally possible. However it will give you a good chunk of progress and set you on the right path.

We find most clients tend to stay on with us after the 4 Week Kickstart.

Here are some of the progress pictures they have been texting in to us:

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