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We are here
to make you
Feel good
Look good
Spend less
A New Approach to Fitness
That Delivers.
Have you always wanted;
  • A better body?

  • To be fitter and stronger?

  • To live a happy, healthy life?

  • To ENJOY your exercise programme?

What's stopping you?
  • Lack of motivation or support?

  • Bad eating habits?

  • Going off track on the weekends?

  • Worried people are watching you in the gym?

  • Don't like a busy gym atmosphere?

  • Boring workouts?

  • Need a personal trainer but can't afford one?

  • Are you using "not enough time" as an excuse?

Roots Fitness has a unique offer for you
  • Train in our private gym

  • No more than 3 other people in the gym with you at any time*

  • At least 1 professional fitness coach with you at all times

  • Your coach will guide you through each session

  • Your coach will provide you with a personalised training programme that is structured and sustainable which will deliver the results you want

  • Your coach will provide nutrition advice that works, and doesn't leave you feeling hungry and fed-up

  • We will make sure every session is as efficient as possible, giving your training purpose and variety

  • Your coach will review and edit your workouts as needed, ensuring your programme is enjoyable and challenging

  • Most importantly: we will deliver results

*Please note in each session there will be four people to one coach, no one else in the gym


Having a busy lifestyle, I became concerned about my lack of exercise. I started using group session classes at a local gym, but found poor form made exercise hard and less enjoyable...


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I have always been into my long distance running and have completed many half marathons and even a full marathon. Though I would run two or three times a week and also do an active job I still couldn’t shift body fat or tone up. That is until I started at Roots Fitness


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So pleased with the results already since joining Roots Fitness and training with Andy! Being a qualified personal trainer myself i find it easy motivating others but not easy finding the motivation myself...


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The Roots
8 Week Challenge

✔️ Lose stubborn fat

✔️ Tone problem areas such as: arms, bum and tummy

✔️ Sustainable results

✔️ Your own fitness coach to manage your progress

✔️ Nutrition advice & tracking

✔️ 8 weeks of 3 coached sessions a week

✔️ Everything included in one price

Excellent value
  • No contracts

  • Everything included in the one price

  • Our business has been built from the ground up solely to offer YOU the best quality experience which will deliver the results you want, at a price you can afford


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