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10 reasons why women should lift weights

Why you should lift weights!

1. It’ll improve your aches and pains

Bad back, tight hips, sore knees? Studies show resistance training can help strengthen up joints and connective tissue, as well as improving bone-density. They’re also a very effective way to improve flexibility!

2. Strong muscles support weak joints!

Think about it, if your spinal erectors (the bits of muscle running down either side of your spine) are weak, what is supporting your spine? Not a whole lot! All that extra strain could be taken away by making the supporting muscles stronger. This goes for knees, hips, ankles, shoulders etc.

3. It burns calories!

Lifting weights burns on average 350-500 calories of fat in a 60 minute session, that’s less than running, but a hell of a lot more than sitting on your butt eating chocolate!

4. It’s great for fitness and cardio

Ever done a set of squats with a bit of weight on the bar? If you have you’ll notice that you’re a little out of breath afterwards (if you’re not then you need to increase the weight!). That means your heart is beating quicker and your cardio is improving. Lifting weights is essentially interval training, you do a set, then rest, then go again!

5. It’ll make you look awesome!

No, it won’t make you ‘bulky’. That is a common misconception! What it will do is make you look like a svelte, lean mean lady! Lifting weights, even for years at a time will not suddenly turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger! It took him years (and a bit of pharmaceutical help!) to look like that, and think about it! He was in the gym for hours each day, specifically training and eating to get bigger: you are totally in control of how much muscle you do or don’t gain. If you’re feeling like you’re at risk of becoming too muscular...change what you’re doing, eat a little less, but for god’s sake: keep on lifting weights!

6. It will give you more confidence!

I’ve trained a lot of women, all of which gained confidence not only in their body, but also mentally after starting to weight train!

7. It’s fun!

You might not believe me on this one but if you follow a proper, structured programme instead of wandering around clueless and diving on the odd machine then i can say with confidence that you will take enjoyment out of weight training! If you don’t at least you look better!

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