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How we support you

We have designed your experience to be minimal fuss, maximum impact

The info-graphic below shows all of the steps from when you first sign up, right through to achieving your goals. At the bottom of the page is some information on our coaching app.

If you would like to know more about how we coach each individual session, visit our how we coach page, or check out our Instagram and Facebook page for regular updates.

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Before your first session

  • After you sign up online you will receive a welcome pack with lots of useful information on your journey ahead

  • Please note at Roots Fitness we operate a fixed timetable for packages*. Session times are shown on the booking page and timetable page.

  • When you book a package you will receive a welcome email confirming your session times

  • You will also be automatically invited to download and create personal profile on our Smartphone App.

  • Feel free to contact your assigned coach through the Roots app to discuss your programme and receive nutrition advice

  • You will receive access to our meal templates, recipes and articles 

  • Get excited to start your transformation journey at Roots!

*Small Group members can pick their training times online from available slots for that month.

Our Smartphone App

  • We have our own fitness coaching app powered by Virtuagym

  • Set up your own personal profile, feel free to upload a  photo, add your fitness goals and any body measurements you want to keep track of (optional)

  • Your coach will upload your initial training programme which will be tailored to your fitness goals

  • During your sessions you can record the weights, sets, reps and rest periods you have achieved. This is powerful data for your coach to analyse your progress and optimise your programme

  • Receive updates to your programme direct to your profile. If you have weaknesses we will focus on turning them into strengths

  • Join in the Roots community! Post your workout results and progress photos

  • Interact with other members on our social pages should you wish to!

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